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我们的啤酒屋坐落于⻘岛的德国风情⽼城区,我们⼀共有11个啤酒头,但并不是⼀直出现,他们是循环售卖的。我们主要提供淡⾊艾尔, IPA ,世涛⿊啤,烟熏啤酒,过威士忌桶啤酒,⽪尔森啤酒,⽐利时风味啤酒。我们最畅销的酒是⻄楚 淡⾊艾尔,它是单一啤酒花发酵淡⾊艾尔,⼝感提神劲爽。我们的釜酸⼩⻨啤酒,又称滋来⽔啤酒也是深受客人欢迎的品类,曾荣获全国啤酒评比比赛同类别第二名的荣誉。最近我们开始了桶藏酒计划,我们选⽤占边波本酒桶和格兰冠波本酒桶,以及⼀些本地红酒⼚提供的红酒酒桶,经过⼀次发酵后,酒浆会被贮藏于桶中静置六个⽉,酒桶会给酒浆提供桶本⾝的⻛味以及前次桶中藏酒的混合⻛味,有时候木桶也作为二次发酵使用。更多酒品信息,欢迎访问我们的网站或添加微信查看。

Qingdao Is A City Of Beer 

Strong Ale Works is based in Qingdao. We brew craft ales for a city that is proud of it’s industrial lager. Since 2011 Strong Ale Works has introduced craft beer culture to Qingdao beer lovers. We brew high quality pale ales, IPA’s, stouts and smoked beers. Our beers are made with passion, the best ingredients and are always served fresh and cold. Our brewer John Herrington is from San Francisco, California, he is a self-taught brewer and has been brewing beers for 10 years.

The Strong Ale Works brewery is located along the coast in LaoShan. Our brewery is a 500 litter batch size brew house. Although our brewery is not large, it allows us to brew more experimental and new beers. A small batch size forces us to focus on quality not quantity, so we use the best raw material we can buy. Our base grain is a Canadian barley that is malted locally. We purchase specialty malts from Belgium and Hops from the US, Germany, and Czech.

Our tap House is located in the Old German part of the town in Qingdao. We have 11 beers on tap, they rotate frequently. We normally serve Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Smoke Beers, Barrel Aged Beers, Pilsners and Belgian Styles. Our most popular beer is the Citra Pale Ale. It is a single hopped Pale Ale, that is super refreshing. Our Kettle Sour Wheat Beer is also one of our topsellers, and won second prize in a competition in Beijing. Recently, we’ve started a new barrel program, using Jim Beam and Glen Grant bourbon barrels, as well as few red wine barrels from a local winery. After fermentation, the beer is aged in the barrels for at least six months. The barrels impart flavor from the barrel and from the product that used to be in the barrel. The barrels are also sometimes used for secondary fermentation. You can find more information about our beers on our website, or add us on WeChat.

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