我们的啤酒 Our Beers

山寨啤酒 ShanZhai Beer


山寨啤酒老少咸宜,男女皆可饮用。纯皮尔松麦芽酿造,但并无强烈苦味。酒水色泽金黄如新鲜稻草。ShanZhai is an easy drinking beer. It’s a malt forward Pilsner that isn’t too bitter, it has a crisp straw character.

苦苦 Shuang Ku IPA


苦苦 (双苦)是一个美国式的IPA, 其实它不是特别苦但是他的啤酒花香味特别浓。 Shuang Ku is our American style IPA. Brewed with a ton of aromatic hops it is actually less bitter than it is aromatic and pleasant.  

西楚淡色艾尔 Citra Pale Ale


西楚啤酒是最畅销的,它是用单一啤酒花,西楚啤酒花酿造的。啤酒色泽金黄透亮。Citra is our best seller. It’s a single hopped beer brewed with Citra hops. It’s light and golden.

哑巴素世涛 Yabasu Stout


哑巴素世涛重回酒水单。世涛酒是一种尝起来口感爽滑的麦芽味烈酒。酒精度数高,可口,令人满足。The Yabasu Stout is back on tap. A solid stout that is malty and smooth. It’s a strong, delicious, full bodied beer. 

波本木桶烟熏艾尔 Barrel Aged Smoke Beer


我们的波本木桶烟熏艾尔啤酒首先经过三天的烟熏,之后贮藏与波本木桶中为期四个月。它的风味复杂多变:有烟熏味,橡木香,还有波本桶藏风味。Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoke beer was smoked for 3 days before it was aged in bourbon barrels for 4 months. It’s a complex beer loaded with smoke, barrel, and bourbon flavor.

滋来水 Sour Wheat Beer

滋来水啤酒于北京啤酒节喜获第二名。它的口感微微带酸味,一口下去令人劲爽,回味无穷。Our Kettle Sour beer recently took 2nd place at some beer c

滋来水啤酒于北京啤酒节喜获第二名。它的口感微微带酸味,一口下去令人劲爽,回味无穷。Our Kettle Sour beer recently took 2nd place at some beer competition in Beijing. It’s a little sour, super refreshing, and kind of addictive.

比利时金啤 Belgian Blond Ale


我们的比利时金啤使用比利时传统酵母发酵而成,这种酵母会令啤酒闻起来花香四溢,味道独特。Our Belgian Blond Ale is fermented with a Belgian style yeast strain that produces a distinctive floral characteristic.

烟熏黄啤 Knotty Blond Smoke Beer


烟熏棕啤是一种棕色麦芽酿啤酒,我们使用纯正皮尔松麦芽,在酒厂中使用红橡木烟熏后酿造而成。这是我们烟熏啤酒系列中的新秀。Knotty Blond is a blond ale brewed with pilsner malt that we smoked in our brew house with red oak. It is the newest in our smoked beer series.

地震棕啤 Seismatic Brown Ale


使用美国棕麦芽酿造。它是一种色泽偏深的啤酒,使用大量啤酒花酿造而成。包含有烤麦芽口感和松树香气。A darker colored beer brewed with healthy amount of hops. It has a toasty malt character and piney hop flavor. 

咖啡馆啤酒 Café Pale Ale


咖啡馆啤酒也是我们最新酿造的啤酒之一,这是一种用咖啡,可可豆和椰子酿造的淡色艾尔啤酒。它闻起来如咖啡一般香气扑鼻,口感也如同丝滑柔顺的巧克力。This is one of our newest creations. It’s a pale ale brewed with coffee, cacao, and coconut. It has a huge coffee aroma and a smooth chocolate flavor. 

加州和风号 Zephyr IPA


An old school American style IPA. Brewed with Cascade and Centennial hops, rich amber color. 

八宝酒 8 Treasures IPA


八宝酒是一款IPA,每年腊八节酿出来。8 Treasures is brewed every year for the LaBa Festival. 

酒花拉格 Beer Flower Lager

Beer Flower Lager 酒花拉格


This beer was brewed by the whole Strong Ale Works family. Everyone met up at the brewery, decided we would brew a hoppy lager and the whole day was spent eating, drinking, brewing and having fun. This fine beer is the result of that. Brewed with Hull Melon and Idaho 7 hops. 

寺陶特 sì táo tè

寺陶特  sì  táo  tè  Our newest Stout, smooth, full, and perfect for Fall.


A classic American style Stout. 

7.2% ABV

请享用, 谢谢 Enjoy, Thank You



An Eldorado hopped Strong Ale.

7% ABV

杏仁烟熏拉格 Almond Smoked Lager


Our first Smoked Lager. Smoked with Almond wood I brought back to Qingdao from Manteca California. It's a strong smoke in a refreshing beer. 

布朗卡 Blanc Pale Ale


Blanc Pale Ale is part of our Single Hopped beer series. Hallertau Blanc is one my favorite hops coming out of Germany and it's one of the few hops that hold a together a beer itself.

倾斜轨道白啤 Tilted Orbit



Tilted Orbit is out Belgian Wit Beer brewed cloudy with coriander seed, and orange peel. You gonna like it 很 fashion!

巧克力 Chocolate Porter



A smooth Chocolate Porter brewed with real Cacao beans.

帐篷酸啤 Tibetan Tent Sour


这是一款藏区的帐篷酸啤, 使用碟豆花,加牛老家的青稞和牦牛酸奶酿造的酸啤, 最合适在帐篷里哈

A sour beer brewed with Tibetan yak yogurt, puffed Tibetan highland barely, and Butterfly Pea Flower. 

远古外星人 Ancient Aliens



Ancient Aliens is an all Azacca hopped hoppy lager. 

爽瓜酸皮 Cucumber Sour


爽瓜酸啤 Cucumber Sour 4.8%